While it’s tempting to believe that he who controls the thermostat in your household controls the comfort of the family, the truth is that the real control rests with the thermostat itself.  

Thermostats are divided generally into two main types – electronic and electromechanical.  Of these, the conventional electromechanical model works well for people who like an easy-to-use, non-technological setup and tend to maintain regular schedules.  The electronic types, however, offer homeowners more control at different times of the day, while also serving as a more sensitive gauge of temperature.  

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable models can save big on energy use during the height of hot weather or cold weather.

Smart Thermostats

Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats give you control of your cooling and heating system around the world, across town or anywhere in your home. Communicating technology enables you to monitor temperatures and make adjustments based on when you’ll actually be home. This is particularly helpful for families on the go, as well as people who travel often or have changing work schedules.

Being able to manage energy use anywhere, anytime, helps you improve comfort while saving on energy dollars. Your system can also alert you when it’s time for service. Smart technology adds convenience with lighting, security and other appliances, too.

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